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Graeme - 2016/11/06 - 18:58
Post subject: MAY 2017 PRODUCTION
Message below posted on behalf of Sonya:


Yes I know, the panto isnít over yet and here we are talking about the May production. Well, thereís so much preparation that is required for any production things need sorting early. The May 2017 has been confirmed. It is ĎBlithe Spirití and will be Directed by me, Sonya Oates.

If you are interested in auditioning can you let me know.

This is a very popular play written by Noel Coward. There are 2 Males and 5 Females.

Annette had hoped to direct this play last year, but could not cast it. I think itíll be a great play to do and itís one that most people have heard of and Iím sure, will bring in the audiences.

Apart from the acting side, as usual, thereís the Ďbehind the sceneí people that are required. So if youíre interested in doing any of these important and vital roles please let me know.

There will be a read through of the play on 19th January, then auditions on 26th January, then straight into rehearsals from the then on. Please put the dates in your diary.

Looking forward to it alreadyJ


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